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Women and men alike can spend hundreds, even thousands of dollars trying to turn back the clock – at least where their skin is concerned. However, what if the ultimate anti-aging remedy was far more affordable and natural? What if coconut oil was one of the best anti-aging treatments you could rely on?

This statement isn’t far-fetched at all. The reality is that doctors and scientists have been considering coconut oil as a preventative measure for the signs of aging. So far, the results look quite promising. Let’s take a look at what science can tell you about how coconut oil can preserve your youthful skin.

The Signs of Aging That Must Be Inhibited

Before you understand the role of coconut oil as an anti-aging remedy, there are some signs of aging you should try to prevent. This will give you a clearer idea of how coconut oil functions to keep your skin looking more youthful.

The most prevalent signs include:

  • Wrinkles due to a loss of elasticity
  • Dry skin as a result of the thinning of skin and loss of moisture
  • Thin skin, especially on your hands

Coconut oil has plenty of uses that can help to inhibit these symptoms…

The Impact of Coconut Oil on the Prevention of Wrinkles

One of the more distressing elements of aging is developing fine lines or wrinkles in the skin. This is often due to a decreased production of elastin and collagen. Wrinkles can also appear to be more prominent due to dry skin, another side effect of aging skin.

There is evidence to prove that coconut oil is quite useful in this department. One of the most notable advantages of the oil was that it was excellent at boosting the hydration levels of the skin. This could potentially help with the delaying of wrinkles.

The study also showed that coconut oil can help to improve the elasticity of the skin as well. As a result, using the oil can result in firmer skin that is less prone to sagging. This, too, can help to prevent wrinkles while making existing ones look less noticeable.

How Coconut Counteracts Dry Skin

Another sign of aging is that skin becomes drier. This is typically due to the thinning of the skin as well as a general loss of moisture. Now, in healthy skin, sebum and lipid levels help to maintain the levels of moisture in the skin. As a result, the skin appears healthier, plumper, and more youthful.

As you age, though, your body produces less sebum and the lipid levels drop. Therefore, you need an appropriate intervention. This is where coconut oil comes in. In addition to improving overall skin hydration, coconut oil is also quite effective at boosting lipid levels.

This ensures that your skin is better equipped to maintain moisture, improving the overall look and feel as well. The reduction in dryness can also prevent other kinds of skin damage. In turn, your skin will look younger and healthier for longer.

Coconut Oil Can Improve Skin Barrier Function in Your Hands

You have probably heard the saying, “you can tell a woman’s age by her hands”. This is because it can be rather difficult to preserve the skin on your hands. So, even if your face looks youthful, your hands can often give you away due to gauntness. This, in turn, is a result of a decreased skin barrier function.

Understand, when the skin barrier doesn’t perform as effectively as it is supposed to, this leads to a decrease in moisture. It also causes the skin to thin out, making your hands appear more wrinkly and older. There is often a loss of elasticity here as well.

Fortunately, coconut oil can actually improve skin barrier function. This results in less transepidermal water loss – cutting down on the level of moisture that leaves your skin. Thus, not only does coconut oil moisturize your skin, but it also reduces the loss of moisture – a double whammy!

You can expect the skin on your hands to look plumper and have more elasticity. Not to mention, it will look healthy and moisturized to boot.

The science is in – coconut oil is effective in curbing the aging effects of the skin. Due to this, it can be used as an anti-aging remedy. Best of all, coconut oil isn’t just great for your face, it can improve the appearance of skin on other areas of your body, including your hands as well.