6 ways to nurture your skin this winter

Winter is well and truly here, which means the battle for healthy, glowing skin is underway! Try these 6 winter skin care tips to nurture your skin and keep it from drying out in these cooler months…

1. Feed your body from the inside
When the weather changes, it’s time to start feeding and nurturing your skin and hair from not only the outside but also the inside to keep them glowing and healthy. Feed your body from the inside by including plenty of pure, filtered water and essential fatty acids to your diet to help improve the lustre of your hair and the texture of your skin.

Think oily fish (such as tuna and sardines); flax and chia seed oils; pumpkin seeds, avocado, raw vegetables; tofu, legumes, eggs; oats, brown rice and bananas.

2. Moisturise, moisturise, moisturise
First up, your skin will need a gentle scrub a few times a week to polish away those dead and flaky skin cells to reveal new skin, then moisturise, moisturise, moisturise to keep dryness and wrinkles at bay.

Our Coconut Body Butter is going to be your best friend this winter due to its powerful, nourishing properties thanks to organic coconut oil whipped with shea and cocoa butter and a lush blend of natural oils and Vitamin E. Lather all over your skin daily and gently rub in, concentrating on dry areas.

3. Look after your lips
Our lips don’t have oil glands like our skin, so they will quickly dehydrate in winter through lack of water and from the effects of cold and wind, meaning dry, cracked or flaking lips. Licking them dries them out even more so you have to moisturise and protect your lips with a balm. Chapped lips don’t stand a chance against coconut oil and its super hydrating properties!

4. Moisturise again!
Our skin needs some extra nourishing in winter, which is where our Coconut Body Balm comes in. Use as a luscious natural treatment once or twice a week to nourish your skin from head to toe, this natural body oil is a pure blend of organic coconut, rosehip and jojoba oils, boosted with Vitamin E. It melts and absorbs quickly to replenish, hydrate and protect, leaving your skin with a healthy, radiant sheen. Perfect for application after a shower, simply smooth all over your body… leave to absorb a couple of minutes before dressing.

5. Banish dry, cracked feet
Winter really takes it toll on our feet. Our solution? Use coconut oil as a foot treatment! Simply rub some coconut oil on and go over the flaky areas with a pumice stone. For an intense treatment, slather on the oil, put an old pair of socks and leave overnight. Our tip: use our Calm Balm or Body Butter on your feet, toes and cuticles to banish dry feet.

6. Don’t forget about your locks
It’s not only our skin that needs some extra nourishing in winter, our hair does too! Hair can start to dry out and become dull looking in the winter so keep it trimmed and use a mild, nourishing shampoo that’s gentle on the hair. Remember: avoid washing your hair every day to prevent stripping it of natural oils and be sure to finish up with a leave in conditioner to protect from weather, heating and hair dryers.