7 quick and easy ways to inject a little me-time to your day…

Are you facing the end of a crazy day or a long week? Or maybe you are just feeling tired, stressed or in need of some of that essential but too often forgotten ‘me-time’.

Here are 7 of our favourite quick, simple and inexpensive self care tips to nurture your mind, body and spirit…

1. Tune in
Music can motivate, energise, relax or even inspire you! Press play on your favourite playlist for an instant mood shift.

2. Veg out
Turn on the TV and zone out for a couple of hours by watching your favourite movie or TV series. It’s okay to sit on the couch, switch off and relax every now and then!

Our tip: give your feet some extra love at the same time by using coconut oil as a foot treatment! Simply rub some of our Coconut Calm Balm or Body Butter on and go over the flaky areas with a pumice stone. Put an old pair of socks over the top until you have finished sitting in front of the TV.

3. Move it
Moving your body generates endorphins so whether its dancing, jogging, walking, swimming, yoga or simply stretching out, a quick 10 minute activity will wash away the stress and get you smiling again.

4. Enjoy a cuppa (in peace!)
Boil the kettle and make yourself a coffee or cup of tea. Then (and this is the essential part!) take the time to sit down and enjoy it. Flick through that magazine that’s been sitting on your coffee table for weeks, read a few pages of a book or simply enjoy a couple of quiet minutes to yourself.

5. Take a nap
If you’re not getting enough sleep this week, head to the couch and take a power nap on your next day off!

6. Unplug and get outside 
Sounds impossible right? We know! But we also promise it will be worth ditching the devices and taking a walk, a dip in the pool or the ocean or just soaking up some rays. Be sure to apply some sun protection first!

7. Light a scented candle
Create a tranquil ambience in your home and relax a little by lighting your favourite scented candle. Anything with a coconut scent is our go-to!

8. Soak!
A relaxing soak helps empty our minds and rid any stress and built up tension in our bodies…even better if you can add some salts.   You can even maximise your time in the tub by multitasking – add your favourite face mask or hair mask, catch up on your book, listen to a new audio book, or give your skin some extra attention with a scrub.

The key is to find your happy place…. and enjoy the moment!