Making any change to your beauty regime can be a little daunting.  If you’ve used the same product/s or the same brand or the same regime of products for a long time, you’re not sure what to expect and even …Read more

4 Natural Lip Scrubs To Make At Home

Life is definitely a little more simple right now, and although we’re not presenting ourselves to the world every day, we do need to keep up some basic beauty maintenance ….just to feel good about ourselves.  DIY beauty treatments may …Read more


We love coconut oil because it’s a natural beauty elixir and an all-round multi-tasker. Here’s our top beauty fixes with coconut oil: Moisturize Your Skin Coconut oil makes a fantastic, fast absorbing moisturiser for dry skin on your legs, arms, …Read more


Teens and young women experiment and regularly use cosmetics and personal care products …. sometimes loads of them!  From body washes, lotions, perfumes, hair products to all manner of make up and tanning products….and many more! Unfortunately, it’s at this …Read more

8 Self Love Hacks You Need Every Day!

It’s the month of love and as the song goes ..”love is all around us… “ A wise person said that we must love ourselves first and life will take care of the rest.   So, with that in mind, why …Read more

Sharing IS Caring

Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed with choice?  I do!  There are now soo many competing product offerings out there, everywhere we look and everywhere we go – online and offline. We are bombarded by products to improve our skin, our …Read more

Spring Rejuvenation – Top Tips

Spring is such an amazing time – for all life on this planet.  It’s the season of new beginnings, for the plants, flowers, insects, birds, animals and of course us humans.  It’s a time of renewal and new life.  It’s …Read more

Coconut Tree Gift Guide for Mothers Day

Coconut Tree’s Gift Guide To Mother’s Day With all the unconditional love and kindness our Mothers give us, taking the time to show our appreciation one day a year is the least we can do. Although despite our desire to …Read more

The perfect Christmas gift

This festive season Coconut Tree are giving the gift of deliciously smooth, glowing skin! Offering an all-natural BODY BEAUTIFUL gift pack that comes complete with our heavenly scented Coconut + Sugar Body Polish, Coconut Body Balm & Coconut Body Butter. These …Read more

Summer Skinfood Essentials

Coconut Tree offers a range of natural skinfood products to help fight dehydration and dryness all summer long. This luxurious selection of heavenly-scented skincare saviours provides intensive hydration through a blend of organic coconut oil with powerful Australian botanicals, natural …Read more

3 products you can’t do without this summer! 

These coconuty essentials have been developed to prep and protect your body and hair during summer… naturally! Coconut Body Polish Use once or twice weekly before and during summer to gently polish away old skin cells to prepare and hold …Read more

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Every one of us has a story – and so does every brand. When you choose a product, generally you’re happy for it to speak for itself and hopefully deliver the experience or result you are hoping for. But these …Read more


Coconut oil is an excellent moisturiser for your hair! It reduces damage to your hair caused by day-to-day wear and tear and can help it grow longer and look healthier. Including a little pure coconut oil as part of your …Read more


We women love all things coconut and know that coconut oil is good for our skin and hair but men…not so much! As men are less informed about skin care and if they do use products, they like to keep …Read more