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Welcome to 2021!   We are all bringing so much collective positive energy to this year and I hope your new year is as good as it possibly can be.

Hopefully you have had a chance to relax and enjoy some down time.  Before you charge off into the new year, take some extra time for stillness, reflection and self-care.  It’s the perfect time to reset and recharge so you can go out there and be your best self all over again.

I find that simple daily rituals are the key to staying calm and happy, so my wellbeing self-care goals for this fresh new year include…

*Taking time every morning to sit quietly and breathe deeply, clear mind chatter, set my intention and set myself up for the day in a peaceful state.  This might also involve yoga or a short meditation but sometimes it’s just simply being still and present – it’s so important to get grounded.

*Don’t sweat the small stuff.  One of the (many) lessons from 2020 for many of us is to appreciate the simple and the natural things in life.  Another one for me was that stressing about all the unimportant trivial details every day can can overwhelm you and block out real life – the things really matter to you and those you care about.  I find that if I can let some of the small stuff go, it usually just works itself out – leaving me time to fully enjoy the things that matter to me.

*Listen to your gut (and your heart).  Check in with yourself and if something doesn’t feel right or make you feel good, just say no.  These might include spending time with people you don’t want to, committing to plans you don’t enjoy – or pushing yourself in a direction you really don’t want to go.

*Clear the clutter – I’m a sentimental hoarder so I have stuff that I drag around through life that is really weighing me down.  It’s time to clean out all the stuff (emotionally and physically) that you don’t need and that doesn’t serve you so you can make space for the new.

*Stop checking the news (maybe just quickly glance at the headlines). It is such a waste of time and drain on your energy when there are so many more enjoyable, interesting and positive things to focus on.

*Spend more time in nature.  I’m lucky enough to live surrounded by stunning natural beauty and wildlife but sometimes I’m completely oblivious to it all.  If things become a bit intense at home or work, I just need to take a short break outside or have a quick walk with my dog and I am calmer and also energised at the same time.   It’s important to carve out some ‘outside time’ every day.  If you can’t do that, bring some in. Create fresh decoration in your house with greenery, shells, stones etc and feel the difference.

*More laughing! Having a good laugh with family or friends (even strangers) is the best medicine.  If that’s tricky then dial up the comedy on TV or Netflix and you might just stop taking everything so seriously.  Instead of letting things (or people) annoy and frustrate you, try laughing it off and move on.  Do that enough and it becomes a habit.

Wishing you health, happiness and light in your life this year. x