About Us

Every one of us has a story – and so does every brand.

When you choose a product, generally you’re happy for it to speak for itself and hopefully deliver the experience or result you are hoping for. But these days as there are more and more choices and therefore more decisions to make every time you make a purchase, we think it’s important to know a bit more about the brand. When comparing products with similar claims and similar pricing, you should be able to have peace of mind that the brand you choose has your values and your best interests at heart.

We now need to ask – who’s behind the brand, why is it here and what’s the vision?

So…with this in mind, I’d like to share the story of us.

Coconut Tree like so many ventures was born – out of a simple need. My family and I have battled all our lives with sensitive, dry skin that needs a lot of nourishment and protection. We have spent so much time and money on products that promised so much but just didn’t deliver… in fact many of them caused irritations and reactions and exacerbated our issues.

My mother had always told me to be careful with my skin and to use only gentle, natural products. In fact she would make up batches of her own face and hand moisturiser from lanolin, vitamin E, sweet almond oil and keep it in the fridge for both us.

A few years ago, a naturopath suggested that all I needed to use on my skin and hair was pure, raw coconut oil.  Coconut oil was considered just a cooking oil at that time so I was skeptical  – but I tried it. I was so delighted with the way my skin and hair absorbed it and the way it improved my skin texture and hair lustre that I recommended coconut oil to my father for his ageing, fragile, dry skin. He too was thrilled to have found something so simple that actually improved his skin structure and texture. Together we researched the composition and history of coconut oil for skin and hair health and discovered for ourselves why it has been used as a natural beauty elixir for generations of islander people with healthy hair and glowing skin.

We decided to collaborate on a venture that would offer people what we had been searching for… natural skin and hair care essentials, free from harsh, irritating and potentially harmful ingredients.  The range would be powerfully simple and yet effective and would harness the goodness of organic coconut oil and selected natural ingredients to deliver nourishment, protection and radiance to skin and hair… for women, men and children.

So we began the search for the perfect oil. After searching the market and literally blind tasting a large selection of oils for freshness and flavour, our star ingredient turned out to be a premium, organic, cold pressed oil produced by an ethical Australian, fair trade venture in the Pacific Islands that offers meaningful employment to local villagers  – and in turn provides them with an income and a better standard of living. A great partner for us.

The link between healthy food and nourishment led us to call our range Skinfood + Hairfood and we truly believe that what you put on your skin needs to be good enough to eat.

Our journey to date has definitely been challenging and also rewarding…especially when people tell us how much they love our products.  We are still learning and finding our lane,  but we are passionate and determined to meet our vision to grow Coconut Tree into a global trusted brand that maintains its vision of being accessible and affordable.  We want Coconut Tree to become an essential part of a healthy lifestyle for as many people as possible.

In a nutshell, “We believe that everybody is entitled to have access to quality, affordable, natural beauty & personal care products from ethical companies that deliver on their marketing promise. 

Cheers, Catherine