Our Story

Our vision to offer a range of natural skin and hair care products that are based on 100% pure organic coconut oil and enhanced with quality ingredients that combine to effectively protect, nourish and beautify…every body.

Coconut Tree Products has been born from a personal quest to find quality, daily skin and hair care products derived as much as possible from pure, natural and organic ingredients… that actually work, and don’t cost the earth!

After years of spending money on products that promised much and delivered little, I ended up with the same skin and hair concerns and a bathroom full of half used products ….and let’s not even talk about the wasted dollars!

After using pure coconut oil on my skin and hair for some time, I believe in the nourishing powers of coconut oil and I am dedicated to harnessing and boosting its natural goodness to offer products that will feed, protect and beautify skin and hair.  I believe everybody should have access to simple, natural and effective daily products for themselves and their loved ones.

Skinfood + Hairfood by Coconut Tree has been developed to feed your body from the outside with products that are brimming with natural goodness to replenish, protect and care for your skin and hair.

With a base of pure, raw 100% certified organic coconut oil derived from the islands of the South Pacific, our products are enhanced with lush blends of botanical extracts, essential oils, natural butters and vitamins, selected for their deeply nurturing, restorative and protective qualities.

Coconut Tree products do not contain harmful ingredients and are of course never tested on animals. We hope that you will find them a delight for the senses and a pleasure to use every day. Discover the benefits of coconut oil and enjoy Coconut Tree products.

Catherine Reddaway

After personal research and study I became a purveyor of coconut oil skin care products from the coconut tree

Our Coconut Oil

The pure, certified organic, unrefined oil we use in all our products has been produced from mature fresh coconuts harvested in the South Pacific. This Certified Organic (by NASAA) virgin coconut oil has been hand pressed and processed by Direct Micro Expelling (DME), an Australian technology enabling the fastest processing in order to retain the goodness of fresh coconuts. As it is untouched by heat or chemical treatment before, during or after pressing, every living enzyme and nutrient is left intact to nourish skin and hair.


The whole processing operation is inspected and Certified Organic by Australia’s leading certifier, NASAA.

Our coconut oil has been sourced from an operation that provides rural people in the South Pacific communities with meaningful employment, a regular income and better living standards.

Our Ingredients

We are committed to using quality, natural or naturally derived ingredients in all our products and guarantee that they will be free from toxic ingredients including synthetic colours and fragrances; silicons, sulphates, parabens, PEG’s, glycols and mineral oils.

All ingredients are listed in descending order on our products for your information.

Our Partners

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