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Organic Coconut + Argan are a winning hair care combination.  Our Coconut + Argan Shampoo and Conditioner are a dynamic duo – combining their powers to deliver gentle cleansing, natural nourishment and intense hydration to thirsty locks.

Perfect for everyone in the family.  Our powerful, natural formulas are free from toxins and boosted with botanicals, amino acids, wheat protein and vitamin E.

Includes a 300ml Coconut + Argan Shampoo and a 300ml Coconut + Argan Conditioner


Exceptional Natural Shampoo and Conditioner That Works: For Lovely, Healthy Hair

Coconut Tree sources premium fair trade coconut oil for our natural shampoo and conditioner. Our authentically Australian beauty essentials contain key untainted organic ingredients. Reach out to learn more.


Give Your Hair Some Much Needed TLC With an Organic Coconut Oil Shampoo and Conditioner

Our hair products comprise natural, unprocessed ingredients that are mainly biodegradable and, consequently, better for you and the environment. Natural products clean, hydrate and nurture your hair in a safe, healthy way without polluting the ecosystem after being flushed down the drain.

Our Coconut oil comes from the Solomon Islands. Coconut is full of Vitamin E as well as lauric and capric acid. These fatty acids allow the oil to pass deep into the hair shaft to stimulate protein production besides counteracting and restoring damage ? from the inside out – to make hair shiny, full, thick, and strong.

Lauric and capric acid are anti-bacterial and anti-microbial to protect the scalp and tresses against itchiness, dandruff and hair loss. Coconut oil is likewise a customary remedy against head lice.

Like coconut oil, argan oil is a pure skin and hair therapy that contains antioxidants, Vitamin E and fatty acids to support, nurture and condition your hair while reversing environmental damage such as a dry climate.

We supply products made of certified organic coconut, botanical and argan oils that contain restorative nutrients for soft, lustrous, stunning hair ? for the whole family. Our products are fully effective and include no harmful toxins.


Our Natural Coconut Shampoo and Conditioner Harnesses the Power of Coconut Oil

We guarantee that all our products are free from synthetic elements. We only utilise naturally obtained components, and our packaging is thoroughly decomposable, so make us part of your family’s healthy lifestyle.

Choose Cruelty Free endorses our merchandise as it is not tested on animals and made in Australia to strict specifications. We also list our natural ingredients on the containers.

Our goods offer a 12-month shelf life once opened ? if you keep it out of the sun and store it under 25C with a closed lid. Fridge storage is required at higher temperatures because our natural hair care does not contain artificial preservatives.

We will give you a full refund or replace the item if you are unhappy with a product. Just return it, accompanied by the receipt, within 14 days.

Our unrefined virgin coconut oil comes from fresh full-grown coconuts, certified as organic by The National Association for Sustainable Agriculture, Australia. We hand-press and process the oil by the fast Direct Micro Expelling process to preserve the integrity of this multifaceted fresh fruit to keep the goodness of the living enzymes and nutrients intact.


About Coconut Tree

We have been in business for four years, providing cost-effective hair food online and supply our products to distributors in Queensland, Victoria, New South Wales, Tasmania and the U.S.A.

Contact us for a list of stockists or to place your order for your personal self-care or a gift kit, using PayPal, Afterpay or your credit card.

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