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We love coconut oil because it’s a natural beauty elixir and an all-round multi-tasker. Here’s our top beauty fixes with coconut oil:

Moisturize Your Skin

Coconut oil makes a fantastic, fast absorbing moisturiser for dry skin on your legs, arms, and elbows.
It contains medium-chain Fatty Acids (MCFA’s) which are also found in natural skin oils, which deeply penetrate, moisturise and act as a protective barrier against the aging effects of environmental & free radical damage. You can use it on your face, neck and décolletage as well — a little goes a long way so no need to use too much …particularly if you have very oily skin.
It can also help repair cracked heels. Simply apply a thin coat to your heels at bedtime, put on socks, and continue on a nightly basis until your heels are smooth.

Protect Your Hair

Coconut oil is full of healing hair nutrients like vitamin E, medium chain fatty acids and can help keep your hair healthy and prevent breakage and damage.

Coconut oil is a great conditioner for dry ends and significantly reduces protein loss when applied to hair before shampooing. Researchers conclude that the unique structure of lauric acid — the main fatty acid in coconut oil — can penetrate deep into the hair shaft making it stronger and leaving it fuller and shinier. It’s anti bacterial properties also help prevent itchy scalp, dandruff and hair loss.

Heal cuticles

Coconut oil can be used to improve the health of your cuticles and nails, including hangnails. Simply apply a small amount of coconut oil to your cuticles and massage for a few moments. Do this several times a week for best results.

Remove Eye Makeup

Coconut oil is a gentle and effective eye makeup remover – it even works for waterproof mascara. Apply with a cotton pad to eyes and face and wipe gently until all traces of makeup are gone. Keeps lashes healthy and promotes growth too.

Soothe Chapped Lips

Coconut oil makes an ideal natural lip balm. It glides on smoothly, leaves your lips moist for hours, and even provides some protection from the sun.

Tame Brows

Not only is coconut oil perfect for taming your brows and keeping hairs in place, the nutritional compounds stimulate follicle growth and the fatty acids help to strengthen and moisturize hairs so brows will grow thicker and stronger.

Quick Glow

Need to add some healthy glow on the go – just dot a tiny bit of coconut oil on your cheek bones and you’re good to go.

Make sure to always have plenty of coconut oil on hand. You never know when you might need it.