Natural beauty essentials by Coconut Tree

natural beauty essentials

What’s the story behind Coconut Tree?

I created the Coconut Tree range of natural beauty essentials because I knew from experience how hard it was to find good beauty basics that were non toxic and actually worked!  Like most women, I had some issues with my skin and hair and spent heaps of time and money on products that just didn’t deliver. We now know that there are many people today suffering from allergies, sensitivities and skin conditions who are constantly looking for healthy solutions.

Women are busy. They generally don’t have time to spend researching products and reading endless labels and ‘how to use’ guides before they buy. They want to quickly recognise a trusted brand that they know will do the job and make them feel good about what they’re putting on themselves and on their loved ones…and that they will all love to use!

Because we’re constantly bombarded by brands, many of us are confused and intimidated and don’t know who to trust amongst the sea of products backed by a large dose of marketing dollars and spin and all promising us solutions and perfection.

I wanted to offer a no-nonsense, yet vibrant brand of real products that are made as much as possible from naturally derived, powerful ingredients that actually do what they say…. nourish, protect and beautify skin and hair.  I wanted the brand to also be accessible so that women felt comfortable about switching from some of their highly toxic daily skin and hair products without breaking the budget, and that they would be happy to share with the whole family.

Coconut Tree Skinfood + Hairfood products offer a range of natural beauty essentials that can be easily added to your regime to replace or complement other products and help reduce the toxic load on your body so you can look and feel better….naturally!