Things you should know about fragrance

What’s not to love about your favorite fragrance and the luscious scents of your cosmetics and personal care products? Yes, they make you smell wonderful but maybe they don’t make you feel so great! Here’s some interesting information from David …Read more

Day cream vs night cream. Do you need both?

Day cream vs night cream.  Do you really need both?  Well, I’m always keen to multi-task my products wherever possible, especially when traveling, but sometimes it’s better to use the right product at the right time to get the best …Read more

Natural beauty essentials by Coconut Tree

What’s the story behind Coconut Tree? I created the Coconut Tree range of natural beauty essentials because I knew from experience how hard it was to find good beauty basics that were non toxic and actually worked!  Like most women, …Read more

Fresh new face of Coconut Tree

Exciting times for Coconut Tree! I’m so thrilled to finally reveal our fresh new face! It’s been a massive process and a challenging one! After trialing our debut range in the market for 18 months, reviewing our valuable customer and …Read more

How to feed your winter skin & hair

Winter is when my naturally dry skin really starts to lose it! The cooler temperatures and drier air take their toll quickly and my skin becomes dehydrated and itchy overnight. Sound familiar? When the weather changes, it’s time to change …Read more

Why Your Body Loves Coconut Oil!

Why is coconut oil good for you? Coconut oil is hot….that’s a fact!  But why? Where did this obsession with all things coconut come from and is it just a fad? It’s a fact that with its abundant natural benefits, …Read more

Holiday Skin Savers

Most of us love Summer ….it’s the perfect time to chill with family and friends and catch up on reading, relaxing and enjoying the beach and the great outdoors. All that extra fresh air and exercise is fantastic for our …Read more

What are you feeding YOUR body?

If you are what you eat …then surely you also are what you feed your skin with. It’s just as important to be aware of what goes on your body as what goes in your body. Women tend to use …Read more

Coconut Oil – what’s all the fuss about?

It seems coconut oil is everywhere…it’s in our kitchens – it’s becoming our go to oil for cooking, baking adding to salads, smoothies and eating straight off the spoon. It’s in our bathrooms, touted as the ultimate beauty product for …Read more

Coconut Tree

Welcome to Coconut Buzz!

It’s so exciting to be able to finally introduce Coconut Tree Products and to present our first collection of all natural, 100% organic coconut oil based, skin and hair products.  This has been our mission for such a long time …Read more